Located in Roost Datacenter, it is a fully built tier 4 data center with all the usual features. Roost has a peered international network with over 1000 BGP sessions to over 500 different networks. There is direct peering in Roost to the largest internet exchanges in Europe: LINX, DE-CIX, AMS-IX, FranceIX and Equinix

Las Vegas Datacenter

Located in FiberHub Las Vegas Colocation Facility (LAS1), the datacenter features over 35,000 square feet of space with fully redundant power & cooling system with backup Cumming Diesel Generators Dual Fiber Condut Entrances and Multiple network connectivity options including LVIX & SIX Internet Peering Exchanges


The Erith datacentre, in South-East London, has a total capacity of 40,000 servers. It is close to two electric power stations, that supply it with all of the energy required for it to run. Its location was also chosen due to its proximity to the OVH point of presence (PoP) in central London. It is connected to all OVH datacentres across the globe via its own fibre optic network.

Singapore / France/ Canada / New York/ Australia / Germany Datacenter

Located in OVH Datacenter in Singapore / France/ Canada / New York/ Australia / Germany Datacente. With its own ( OVH ) fibre optic network spread across the globe, OVH gives you optimal internet connection all over the world.

Netherlands Datacenter

Dataplace Rotterdam was first opened in 2011 and boasts of an uptime of 100% since. It is a tier 3 datacenter with a power supply of N + 1 with a total datacenter area of 1800m squared.

Atlanta Datacenter

55 Marietta Street offers enterprise-grade data center suites strategically located in downtown Atlanta, across the street from the 56 Marietta Exchange Point – the Southeast’s Premier Carrier Hotel.